Materials & Finishing Options

As a result, we exclusively utilize the best German EGGER boards for our furniture. We offer you a wide selection of possibilities to choose from the EGGER palette and customize your furniture to your preferred color, fit, and finish thanks to our in-house production and joinery.

Not only that, but with our team of talented artisans, we can create designs to fit any office space or size requirement, providing you complete freedom in bespoke office furniture solutions.

EGGER’s Decorative Collection combines 130 decors, authentic surface textures, an expanded range of products and intelligent services. We thus offer our clients with countless combination possibilities. EGGER boards have natural finishing touch and are available with the matching edges. The E1 P2 CE raw chipboard is the standard coreboard for furniture and interior design in dry conditions

Eurodekor melamine faced chipboards

The ideal material for horizontal or vertical applications in furniture and interior design, for example for fronts, shelves, wardrobes or wall claddings. Eurodekor melamine faced chipboard (in accordance with EN14322) consists of raw chipboard that is covered with decorative paper on both sides. They can be easily cut, edged and processed. We offer a contemporary and aesthetically demanding solution in the proven EGGER quality within the coordinated set of decor and material combinations.

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